tomos A55 tomos SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed!!!!!!
tomos A55 tomos SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed!!!!!!



oh man, i don't even know what to say. it's been many years of prototyping, ripping, refining, sweat and tears, nesquik drinking to bring the people the one and only teatland exclusive flat port, side-bled with adjustable end bleed estoril.

comes with (3) m8 x 1.25mm allen bolts to adjust your back pressure! one bolt is just a regular m8 if yer not into that end bleedin action, one has a 2mm ID hole and one has a 4mm ID hole. try em all and see how it affects the power band of the pipe!! its like having a 42104392 different pipes in one.

you can always grab some 20mm long M8 x 1.25 allens and drill them out if you want to really dial things in.

oh, and this does not have the internal baffle cone thing!

specifically made to mount up to the tomos A55!!! the angle is incorrect for tomos A35, keep in mind

bikes like lx, revival, st and sprint. NOTE there may be footpeg clearance issues with kick start models.

This pipe will not directly fit streetmate or streetmate r, so plan on making some mods to get it to fit on these models.

23.5mm header ID

this is jack's favorite pipe

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5 of 5 Great A55 pipe. Used on Sprint. August 15, 2022
taco eater : Dave Thacker from Tipp City, OH United States  
This review is for the A55 version of the Estoril Side bleed Pipe.  I have one of these on an A35 and like it just as much on one of my A55 Sprint.  The overly loud Bi-Turbo had lost all it's packing, and the stinger weld had given up in the muffler section.  I left the two gaskets on, bolted this pipe on.  Went from #60 jet in stock carb to #66.  (Stock carb, don't remember the idle jet used) Runs 42 to 43, 45 in a tuck (265lb rider).  Stock cly and head.  Note, the last bend in the header before the first cone is curved a bit too much.  I bolted it to the header and heated the inside of this bend as much as I could for about 15 minutes with a propane torch.  Flexing it down to line up the two flange bolts got easier.  This opened the bend up enough with minimal stress on the cylinder studs.  This unit is way quieter and worth the money over the Bi-Turbo although it probably is the same speed.  Lots more class, less fall apart hassle.

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2 of 5 Works great until the muffler falls off. August 10, 2022
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
This exhaust was on my bike when I bought it used.  Performance was good, my bike boogied with this exhaust on it.  One day I heard a loud bang, looked down and noticed I no longer had a muffler.  The welds broke completely and I now had a gaping hole in the pipe where there was once a muffler, which was screaming at me the whole way home.  I ordered an MLM exhaust to replace it, that said I wouldn't rock this exhaust again given the experience I had, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt being it was used and I don't know how bad it was beat on before and experiences can vary so someone else may have a better luck than I did.

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3 of 5 works well, but does not fit November 15, 2018
taco eater : Eric Sabatino from Portland, OR United States  
We run a Tomos dealer in Portland. On a new Tomos Sprint, it requires quite a bit of modification to fit. We had to bend the header pipe and grind out the holes on the mounting bracket. About 2 hours of work to put it on.
Once installed, the bike ran great. This pipe gives great performance gains.

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4 of 5 Heckin' good, high rpm ripper. September 6, 2018
taco eater : Anonymous Person from brooklyn, NY United States  
I do 52mph with this pipe, a55 airsal matched to cases, 17.5 phva with an 18mm intake. 26x22 gearing. About 10,000 rpm. Stock tomos ignition. yeah.

The reason it doesnt get 5 stars is that the flange did not mate flat with the cylinder, had to whip out the belt sander and slot the rear holes and use a crush gasket. No pedal clearance issues.

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1 of 5 Don't buy, poor fitment and build quality May 21, 2018
taco eater : Justin Eastman from manchester, NH United States  
Absolute trash.  Flange wasnt flat,  didn't fit either my streetmate or Targa.  Clearanced the frame and bent the pipe a bit to fit,  still crap on all bleed screws.  Threw my biturbo back on and was 10mph faster.  Don't waste your time or money.  Incredibly frustrated and disappointed.

Edit treats : I think the majority would strongly disagree with this review. As noted in the listing and many reviews below it will not fit kickstart models without some simple modification, targa is an A35 engine so it is not meant to fit that model. Sounds like you just need to tune it to get the most out of it and make sure you are using it on the models it is meant to be on. I would put some work into it and you will say goodbye to your biturbo.

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