tomos A35 hunter black exhaust pipe
tomos A35 hunter black exhaust pipe


 :*sorry none today*

the hunter exhaust pipe! now it's black with a colorful sticker on the back. but it's for tomos now. specifically for a tomos A35 sprint type moped. it wraps around and comes out on the other side and the rear mount is up by the top the rear shocks.

this is called the high model. as far as i know this works perfect with no kickstand or pedal complications. but ya never know.

looks fun!

**these only ship by ground services as they take a large shipping box, if you try to overnight one of these there may be extra fees**

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4 of 5 Mounts on left. Won’t clear My TOMOS pedals May 26, 2020
taco eater : A to tha G from Palm Coast, FL United States  
I have a 99 Tomos Sprint (a35, no oil injection) and this will not clear the left side pedal (also, this will mount to your left side btw). Did not have any issues mounting (just added a slight bend in the mount bar to fit well to one of the bolts holding the rear fender (second from the front). Just barely clears rear suspension but works well wel (had to remove the locking washer though so I’ll watch for loosening). I’ve read that if you have the oil injection model your pedal should already be long enough clear, unfortunately not the case for me

This thing rips perty well. Everything else stock atm, and it obviously is feeling a little choked for air on the intake but it took me from 30mph to 34 with no other mods. Also agree that it functions well in mid to high rpms, but a little more sluggish lower down

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4 of 5 HEKA December 10, 2018
taco eater : alex Nagy from Chauncey, OH United States  
This pipe makes my 1994 sprint RRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP hard and it has heka low end power. It does not however, clear the left pedal.

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5 of 5 O mama September 12, 2018
taco eater : Jon Tetreault from Vernon, CT United States  
Had to try it out, heard dicks would rip. Dicks got rippppeeddd. Sexy sound. Sexy low/mid power. Backflips galore. Get this pipe if you got hillz to conquer. No kickstand issues, had to drill a hole in my fender to mount the strap. Now I gotta repair my dick.

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5 of 5 2nd confirmation of dick rippage September 11, 2018
taco eater : Joey Ostos from Washington, DC United States  
All of a sudden pedestrians grab their crotches when I ride by which I am convinced is due to the ripping of dicks that is being inflicted upon them.

For some reason I seem to be the only person for whom a Biturbo did not clear the center stand. This pipe however easily does. It does not however clear the pedal (by about an 1/8") with the brackets that were provided. Just like Brian said, mounting to fender works best but I had to get some short inside corner braces to make a shorter bracket that took care of it by pulling it in closer.

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4 of 5 Okay for the Price March 6, 2018
taco eater : Derek Allison from Sellersburg, IN United States  
I ordered one of these and it had a few scratches and a big ass dent right where the pedal is I didn't want to have to wait for a new one as my  order took over a week to get here. This pipe is way super loud kinda sounds like a dirt bike with a pop pop sound I drilled out the rivet and inspected the baffle packing and it hardly had any the pipe was empty for the most part so I packed in 6 steel wool pads and it still needs more but it helped with quieting it down before it was way too loud you would get pulled over for sure it did not really improve over my Biturdo spend your money on a better pipe also it mounts on the wrond side of ped and you need a bracket it mounts to the rear rack on my 05 a35 st.

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