tomos A35 alukit party
tomos A35 alukit carb intake kit head party


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

a tomos party with alukity!

comes with - tomos 70cc 45mm alukit, 70cc head, gasket set, airsal reed block, intake bolts n nuts, vm18 mikuni carb, MLM intake + air filter!

make sure you do some research and get some mikuni main jets if you dont have any! no, sorry we dont know what jet to use...every bike is different. its a magical journey of jetting only you can discover

party rules

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5 of 5 Super fast! August 26, 2015
taco eater : Troy Frank from Parma Heights, OH United States  
After three months of agony I finally got this kit to work. It really is fast now! Still tuning the carb and hitting 45 mph. As for the jets 110 through 155 should work. Make sure the piston has the part with the hole facing up towards the reeds!!!!

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3 of 5 I have a Biturbo, is that chill? June 16, 2015
taco eater : Jimbob Shiddy from Victoria, BC Canada  
Is it totally awesome to use a Biturbo with this kit or should I buy a pipe that I don't have already?

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5 of 5 oh so good January 27, 2015
taco eater : thomas from moped heaven  
i think vm18 is made for race blasters, now my bike is scary fast

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5 of 5 Things to Keep in Mind. September 13, 2013
taco eater : Chazzy from New Hampton, NY United States  
1. kit dosnt come with exhaust studs,buy some

2. because of the angle of the Intake manifold 1 of the bolts that holds the carb on isn't going to work. trim or find new bolt

3. buy the techno circuit torque pipe for this kit dont even think about any other pipe

4. buy a metal elbow for the throttle cable coming off the carb.

5. i live in NY, ran a 145 main jet.

6. MOST IMPORTANT, READ THIS SH!T:before you put that reed valve on the bike make sure the screws that hold the petal on are TIGHT best idea i think would be to pull them out and loctite them. i put the reed valve on the bike without touching them and 13 miles later they worked their way out and the 2-petal for sucked into the cylinder and went for a fun ride and seized my motor.

otherwise, this is the best kit for a tomos. ride on playa

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5 of 5 sickbird July 27, 2013
taco eater : Paul Handlen from easthampton, MA United States  
this kit rips. Set up is about as effort free as it comes. Just remember to get some thinner reeds b/c the ones that come with the block are a little tooo stiff and your bike wont start... Also, grab yourself a new throttle and get rippin.

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