tomos A35 70cc 45mm reed valve kit especiale with single ring piston for serious racer dudes
tomos A35 70cc 45mm reed valve kit especiale with single ring piston for serious racer dudes


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

NEW NEW NEW super hi quality aluminum 45mm 70cc cylinder kit. same as the other tomos alukit but now it's 45mm instead of 44mm. so you get more power!

this is the largest and most powerful bolt on 70cc cylinder for tomos a35 available, most of the other cylinders are 44mm, but the extra mm ohh the power ohh yes yes more more plz

includes cylinder, 45mm single ringed piston (no longer teflon coated, new photo coming soon), wrist pin, clips and some gaskets! (head, base and exhaust, here's your replacement set) everything ya need to go go go go. invented by treatland, for the people in the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and beyond!

VERY IMPORTANT TECHNICAL BULLETIN MUST READ OR ELSE - initial tests by the TACO certified treatland taste testers showed an increase of 700rpm on a single reed unported setup with no other changes made at the time of piston swap.

PLEASE READ - 1mm rings are very delicate so please install with care and precision!

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4 of 5 Amazing kit for the price! June 20, 2020
taco eater : Puck from FL United States  
This kit is awesome and will turn your modest little moped into a real ripper. I have it on an A35 on a custom build using a 90's 20" GT Dyno BMX bicycle frame and with the right supporting mods it does ~62-65mph out of the box w/ zero portwork!!!

Don't even try it with stock clutch - get the Jammer 1st gear and a heavier spring for second RIGHT NOW. Next step is some port work and port timing tweaks to squeeze a few more RPM out of it and go for 70mph. Braap braap. Lost 1 star due to some casting flash in the ports - if it was cleaned up a bit better it would be perfect.

All Hail the Independent Kingdom of Treatland - Love you guys!

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1 of 5 I would not recommend this kit March 17, 2018
taco eater : Swaggy Steve from Washington, DC  
This is a KStar kit and I regret purchasing it.

Piston is not marked so you get to figure that out and the kit claims to come with the gaskets and everything needed but I did not find that the gaskets provided worked.

Serious air leaks around the head even after replacing the head gasket with different versions and using gasket spray. Tried several heads including one that uses an O ring instead of a gasket and have proper torque. It will idle but will die under WOT regardless of jet size used.

I think the kit has warped (under normal temperature loads measured with a temp gauge) because the kit will not seal with a Puch hi comp 70CC head or the custom head made for this kit with O ring or the stock head regardless of gaskets used.

It has even developed air leaks overnight after having none the previous evening. This kit has been looked at by at least four or five people who are seasoned moped repair veterans and nobody knows what is going on at this point.

Save your $$$

EDIT TREATS : There are hundreds of these kits out there at this point and I don't think we have ever seen a warped one. I suspect there is something else going on with your setup if you are having this many issues considering how many of these are sold with zero issues. We had this kit produced for us in the early treat days so all 45mm tomos cylinder kits aside from the parmakit come from this lineage. I would look over other aspects of your engine setup and tuning and of course feel free to ask the helpful dudes on moped army or contact us if you continue to be unable to get it running. At this point this is a pretty basic standard kit in the Tomos cylinder world so it should not be so difficult.

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5 of 5 Beast mode November 11, 2014
taco eater : DeathTrvp from Brighton, MA United States  
Installed on my Tomos a35 with some case matching, stuffy crank, 4 pedal reeds, PHBG 21, MLM bk100, Hi comp head, and and HPI. Kit is amazing. Worth every penny.

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5 of 5 AHHHHHHHH yeah! September 11, 2014
taco eater : Active16Bits from Las Vegas, NV United States  
Had a blast riding it with my techno pipe and VM20. Sounded amazing. Never ridden any bike that fast, but only lasted about an hour then I seized the piston in the cylinder after a hard run during decel.

Super sad sad sad day.

Then I figured out why, I ran out of gas and you fella's know what we mix with gas. :C

Going to try the $115 one next.

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