tomos A3, A35 and A55 complete OEM cdi plus many friends!
tomos A3, A35 and A55 complete cdi plus many friends!


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

OEM tomos a55 cdi. 2 wire version! fits on A3, A35, and A55 with the stock "woodruff" ignition pin thingy.

***The stator plate is 90mm, so this will not fit models that use 80mm stator plates. Measure to be sure!!***

80 watts of lighting power!! run a panini press off this bad boy!

perfecto upgrade for many bikes of course, the stator mounts are the same for tomos, puch, some sachs, some batavus, etc.

NOTE: you may have to remove the woodruff key and hand time this bad boy if used in a non-tomos application!

you get !!
-stator/flywheel 231388
-cdi box 230627
-2 feet of plug wire
-1 ngk boot

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