tomos A3, A35 and A55 complete OEM cdi plus many friends V2!! - with parmakit box
tomos A3, A35 and A55 complete OEM cdi plus many friends V2!! - with parmakit box


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

OEM tomos a55 cdi. 2 wire version! fits on A3, A35, and A55 with the stock "woodruff" ignition pin thingy.

***The stator plate is 90mm, so this will not fit models that use 80mm stator plates. Measure to be sure!!***

***performance version!! this comes with the legendary parmakit cdi box. this box has a retarding curve for keeping things cool while you're blasting***

80 watts of lighting power!! run a panini press off this bad boy!

perfecto upgrade for many bikes of course, the stator mounts are the same for tomos, puch, some sachs, some batavus, etc.

NOTE: you may have to remove the woodruff key and hand time this bad boy if used in a non-tomos application!

you get !!
-stator/flywheel 231388
-parmakit wicked curve cdi box
-1 ngk boot

Black goes to the large blade on the parma box
Yellow goes to lights
The small blade on the box is grounded

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scared the crap out of my gremlins, August 19, 2018
taco eater : syllable from BOSTON, MA United States  
and they ran away crying.
'95 targa a35, previously had a bad light pickup coil, bad cdi spark condenser, and other probs, after beating my head off a wall, and screaming every obsenity there is in the known universe at it while pulling back muscles left and right, trying to kick it started day after "lets try this" day... bolted this pile of bananas onto my crap pile, and blammo! the. very. first. kick. started and idled like it had been waiting for a dunks large iced coffee and bacon egg and cheese croissant for its entire life. literally stood up and was like "yo im ready to cut down the rainforest, you with me?" the generator will power your ignition and lights, and the cdi box curve is the shit and doesnt tap out like the stock ones at rpm, and well not much to say except i can throw a half assed drunk foot at it like i forgot what i was doing, and it will brap right up, the 1st 1/4 easy kick, every single time. might not solve your problems but it definitely helped with mine.

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works on puch April 19, 2018
taco eater : timo swoop from savannah, GA United States  
i got it pretty f-ing close without doing shht to it and i even got the woodruff key in. looks upside down, but screws fit.

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Why would you not buy this?? July 23, 2017
taco eater : John Demos from Dublin, OH United States  
this party is amazing if you are looking to upgrade from your old points system!!  The paramakit box is fantastic!!!!  I haven't hit over 380 degrees, and usually stay around 280-320ish while cruising.  Totally recommend!!!

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this is the one you want March 15, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
i have this on my stock ported a35 and it runs way way cool. it's also very fast. like real fast

if u wanna go 50 and make popsicles on yer cylinder look no further

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