tecnigas Q-TRE scooty pipe
tecnigas Q-TRE scooty pipe



tecnigas Q-TRE super scooty blaster pipe for hackin n welding onto anything ya want.

most likely best for variated mopeds as the overall shape is more suited for sustained high rpm ripping.

comes with a restrictor in the header!! pop it out or go slowww.

also comes with a hug sack of mounting bolts/hardware/spacers to help the back bracket mount up all nice like.

originally for scooters like:
- Aprilia Sportcity One 50 2T
- Aprilia SR '04 (Piaggio Engine)
- Aprilia SR Factory
- Derbi Atlantis (Derbi Engine)
- Derbi Boulevard 50
- Derbi GP1 50 2T
- Derbi Sonar 50
- Gilera DNA
- Gilera Easy Moving
- Gilera Ice
- Gilera Runner 50
- Gilera Stalker
- Gilera Typhoon 50
- Italjet Jet Set 50
- Italjet Torpedo 50 (Piaggio Engine)
- Piaggio Diesis 50
- Piaggio Extreme
- Piaggio Fly 50 2T
- Piaggio Free
- Piaggio Liberty 50 2T
- Piaggio mc2
- Piaggio mc3
- Piaggio NRG
- Piaggio NTT
- Piaggio Quartz
- Piaggio Storm
- Piaggio TPH 50
- Piaggio Typhoon 50
- Piaggio Zip 50 2T
- Piaggio Zip Fast Rider

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5 of 5 yes, very nice September 11, 2019
taco eater : Cam from Kent, WA United States  
First i will say that the build quality is VERY nice. great welds and a beautifully made silencer. chopped up this pipe to fit it to my yamaha champ. very good sound and much better power over the whole range over stock. and the looks, oh my, the thing looks great on that tiny goof bike.

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5 of 5 this thing is super nice January 23, 2019
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Eau Claire, WI United States  
woah yeah where do i start, dont let the price fool ya this thing is still 100% technigas made in spain super nice quality.  starting at the back, the silencer is incredible, like, almost dirtbike quality, so big and quite.   the pipe is stamped formed, its like 60 cm from the exhaust flange to the center of the belly, pretty fat, uh don't remember the exact size but bigger than a tecnigas next by a lil bit.  I put it on an Aero 80 with lots of hacking and about 3" more header and its a low low rpm pipe but you could probably get it to sing on the right setup.   Great pipe for hackers and welders, lotsa bends and steps that you can cut apart the header and slip fit stuff and get it perfecto, nice thick metal.

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