swing arm mounting foot pegs - rectangular swing arm
swing arm mounting foot pegs


swing arm mounting foot pegs. mount these to any moped with a rectangular swing arm. like ridged motobecanes and um, what else? . . .be sure to check your swing arm before hand.

the inner square section on these is 38mm tall.

also see the round swing arm mounting foot pegs

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5 of 5 Works well on DT50 September 9, 2019
taco eater : Nick from Columbus OH  
As others have said these fit the DT50 swingarm; I have mine mounted on the upper part as close to the back of the bike as possible and my girlfriend thinks they're comfortable. Easy to install but I would probably run nylock nuts just to make sure the pegs don't go anywhere

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5 of 5 Solid July 25, 2015
taco eater : Valentino Rossi from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Love these though can only use on one side of Tomos mopeds. Get in the way of the chain on the drive side. Good grip and perfect length

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4 of 5 These are pretty good January 31, 2015
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Austin, TX United States  
A lot better than i expected, really. The folding action is good, and the hardware is really solid.

I put them on my DT-50. Easy fit, but couldn't get them in a position that was comfy for my wife, probably gonna have to weld them and move them back.

The swingarm mounting clamp dimension is slightly over an inch tall.. meaning they will bolt onto a swingarm with a section that is up to 1" or so tall. They can get real wide if you need them to.

The actual foot peg part is better quality than the cheapo pegs, but not as nice as the 'Denfield' ones.  They are riveted instead of secured with a pin  like some of the other ones, so they are less repairable.

Its nice that they are totally bolt on and pretty adaptable, like, keep a set around just in case.

no lockworshers so get ya some M8

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