suzuki FA50 FZ50 FS50 FY50 45mm 60cc cylinder kit
suzuki FA50 FZ50 FS50 FY50 45mm 60cc cylinder kit



woaooh.. 45mm cast iron cylinder kit for the many suzuki FA50, FZ50, FY50 and FS50 moped noped thing!

comes with all these goodies! gasket, rings, piston, clips yeahhh


also people like to use the qt50 main jets with the stock carb.

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5 of 5 works great. April 19, 2020
taco eater : Kira Anderson from Belle Fourche, SD United States  
Use the stock carb with stock pilot jet. Put the 82.5 main jet in. The needle is stock at clip in the 3rd slot. Put the 2 stage reeds in. Drill some holes in your stock air breather cover. stock exhaust bolts right up. Fires right up and runs great. Have not drove it yet. It started snowing.

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5 of 5 Little ripper November 17, 2018
taco eater : Thom from Seattle, WA United States  
Paired this up with the standard malossi red clutch springs, dual stage power reeds, MLM side bleed, and up jetted to 82.5. the power rips start at 12 mph and take this baby to over 35+ fast.
CHAMFER YOUR PORTS AND POLISH! I shredded my rings and thought the kit was toast. Chamfered, polished, new rings, and blam-o. Ripping harder than my farts after taco tuesday.

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5 of 5 FA50 RIPPERRRR March 27, 2017
taco eater : Ian Hubbard from Santa Cruz , CA United States  
Slapped this kstar kit on my '84 FA50 about 9 months(human gestational period) ago! Paired it up with the MLM side bleed pipe and got an extra 10 miles per hour 25 to 35mph!! Yew! Stock carburetor up jetted to *OEM QT50 mikuni MAIN jet 82.5*... high flow filter 42mm ID. Plus Malossi Reds. Starts first kick with no problemo!

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5 of 5 Cheap, fits, works ... boy does it work January 30, 2016
taco eater : Dangerous Daz from New Zealand  
Fitted along with a MLM intake, Mikuni VM18, big UNI filter in the breeze, and a MLM peoples sidebleed pipe.

Well made kit, affordable performance for the masses, you want more torque! go get it!

Exhaust port is as cast (which is how suzuki does the stock anyway), I polished that to a mirror to keep carbon at bay for as long as I can, light chamfer on the tops and bottoms of the port windows, good to go!!!

the port windows in this jug are much bigger than your stock jug, its an alternative for those who want a ported engine and all the power that brings but don't have the tools or know how to do it themselves, fit this kit and wham bamm thank you 'mam!!!

Kit measures at 56cc, not 60cc, don't let that put you off though, its bigger and better

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5 of 5 Super clean. Super easy. May 19, 2015
taco eater : Josiah McCoy from Lititz, PA United States  
So first off, this is a Kstar kit. The ports are pretty and clean, but will need a solid chamfering. Secondly, there isnt much a difference between the case and the jug as far as matching goes. If anything maybe 1mm or less of difference in transfers. I am currently still getting her cleaned up but will return with a solid review once she is built and some miles put on.

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