New!  super dooper SHA slide w/ speed vents
super dooper SHA slide w/ speed holes



in a world... where you dont wanna drill little holes in your sha slide.. one dude... got u babe...

introducing the finest development in moped tech since thee number one (#1) grandpa intake!! all courtesy of LGN brenden, these 3D printed pa12 nylon (very chemical resistant!!) sha slides are pre-tuned with velocity vents to well, better let the guy himself explain:

"These are a mix between a #7 and #2 with added airholes for a leaner mixture. The airholes are designed in a way to lean the mixture but not lose a lot of air velocity. This gives a little more throttle response and fixes a small boggy spot right off idle."

wow neat so when you're tuning your carb you wont have to choose between rich low end and lean top end you'll end up juuuuusssst right.. basically they're speed holes they make the bike go faster!!

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