stainless steel petcock extender - m10 x 1.0 - 10mm extension
stainless steel petcock extender - m10 x 1.0 - 10mm length



stainless steel petcock adapter. collect all the lengths and build your own custom petcock super structure!

the external threading on these adapters are m10 x 1.0mm and the internal is the same: m10 x 1.0mm. so like we said, stack em' in any orientation you like or need.

the total length of the extender including the threaded portion is around 20mm. the extender adds 10mm of extension onto an m10 x 1.00 threaded petcock.

most likely you will need one or two of each of these o-rings and cups in order to seal the petcock extender and prevent leaks.

one more time:

external threading:
m10 x 1.0mm

internal threading:
m10 x 1.00mm

internal threading of the external portion is m7 x 1.00mm. perfect for those screw on fuel filters that come on so many mopeds.

see photo for example of the adapter at work. please note the photo may not show the actual adapter.

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