New!  spark plug holder to raise some CASH CASH CASH for JOSES BIG OL PINBALL RUN
spark plug holder to raise some CASH CASH CASH for something we don't know what yet



in the past this was used to raise some cash for the great TAT JOSE ride of 2014 2021. now that this is over we are selling more of these to raise money for something similarly thrilling that doesn't exist yet. so when you buy this you can know $5 of the cash you spend is going towards the creation of something awesome, could be an event, could be a ride, could be just about anything. over time the chest of dollars will fill and we will update this page once we know what its going towards. thank you for your support of the unknown JOSE.

in mid may some moped riders on a bunch of derbis and some lesser mopeds, hehe, are going to begin the journey from tennessee to the pacific ocean along the trans america trail JOSE, 4800 miles of dirt ridin. considering many of us can barely make it to the pizza parlor down the street and back without some problem befalling us the people of the independent kingdom of treatland heartily salute this endeavor!

while we have already pledged some gold coins from our coffers to the TAT JOSE fund we would also like to offer you this once in a lifetime chance to support them yourself with this non limited edition non silver commemorative key chain spark plug holder.

to use this you attach it to your keychain and screw in your spark plug. then it sits there until you, or a friend, find yourself in need. the handy logical design ensures no dirt or crusties can get on the spark plug tip even!

check out the trans america trail JOSE and perhaps you will find you live nearby. ..maybe you would even like to offer the TAT JOSE riders a nice hot cup of tea along the way or the use of your welder or backyard...

out of your $6.99 purchase price the independent kingdom of treatland will remit $5 to the TAT JOSE fund.

for more info:

donation page for TAT/
facebook for TAT dudes
TAT site
some moped army thread i saw

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5 of 5 Jose April 30, 2021
taco eater : Jose from CA United States  

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5 of 5 SPARK PLUG ON THE GO August 7, 2014
taco eater : Quoc Le from Manchester, NH United States  

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5 of 5 its good July 25, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from USA  
it works

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5 of 5 These are awesome. April 29, 2014
taco eater : derek stahl from Denver, CO United States  
Nothing says badass like a spark plug hanging from your keys.
If you missed out on these just be one of the first 40 people to sign up for "Black Moon Rising" this years BlkBlk rally (it's the big one you won't want to miss). By doing so you will help support the TAT, Treats, and BlkBlk; you'll also get the opportunity to be at a ground breaking rally that will be talked about for years to come.
Do your part and sign up now @

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4 of 5 awesome, but be careful! April 19, 2014
taco eater : tim ostrom from savannah, GA United States  
all your friends are going to try and bum that brand new b6hs  off you. like walking thru the hood with a fresh pack of smokes in your hand. pretty great tho. nice tough feeling metal. 1 piece construction. i'm pretty sure a long thread plug would fit, a short thread one fits with enough room for secret jet or a tiny piece of candy...

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