small roundish turn signal for safety purposes - left or right
small roundish turn signal for safety purposes - left or right



small, sleek, café style turn signal for use on your moped, scooter, motorcycle, atv, utv, boat, ultralight, etc.

comes with a 12v 10w bulb already installed. bolt-less lens design!

lens is about 42mm in diameter sticks out about 92mm lens and housing is about 65mm long

7mm mounting hole diameter sold by the piece, so if ya want all four ya gotta order four, if ya just want two, order two. eaasyeee

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4 of 5 no cigar's September 13, 2019
taco eater : Zach Richards from allston, MA United States  
Very close to oem but ever so slightly different.
For 1. the derbi turn signal has a screw holding the lens to the base.
For 2. the lead off the derbi blinker is 4x as long as this domino and ends in different connections.
For 3. blinking light is only visibly from behind and minorly from the side vs. the derbi one thats inner base reveled more light than the cev one.

Close enough to make it work and fool some looking quick at your bike but not 100% the same and not bolt and go to the derbi revo harness. 20 bucks says i replace my oem one to this one so they match 100% and I can sleep easy again....

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