SIM red n black moped tail light
sim red n black moped tail light - wide



oh woah, stockish wide red n black moped tail light made by sim, for sooo many mopeds. this tail light assembly takes two bulbs.. one for braking and one for your license plate! most single filament bulbs will work, has two 6mm hole slots so you can mount to your rear fender or if yer tricky enough to somewhere else!

approximately 4" wide

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4 of 5 Get a nice one and you'll be happy! April 6, 2015
taco eater : BENOIT GENEST from Quebec, QC Canada  
Nice item, good quality and everything. The molding is nice, the bulb holder is great and the wires are long enough for my Puch Maxi (with soldering). However, I received one with a cracked licence plate glass, which turned out to be a completely shot license plate glass upon disassembling. I had informed the Kingdom of Treatland of the issue and they were very keen on correcting that, props to them then! But still, it's a mess to assemble and put the pieces together every time, so get a good one!

As mentioned, you will have to drill a hole in order to have it fit, as it only comes with one hole from the factory. Easy and clean to do, don't let that discourage you.

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5 of 5 perfect match for a magnum October 23, 2014
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Memphis, TN United States  
honestly, this is pretty much the same light as stock with a few differences:

* You must take off the bulb holder and use a 1/4" drill bit to drill the second hole, really simple.
* The innards are a little different and the connectors much smaller, so I snipped the connectors off and added my own larger male ends to plug into the stock connectors
* You will want to run the black wire to ground

Otherwise it is really a decent light and even fits on the rubber piece that fits behind your stock light.  Pretty cool.

Took me about 20min to install, pretty simple.

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5 of 5 Close Enough To Stock October 15, 2013
taco eater : Ken Thomas from Sacramento, CA United States  
Got this to replace the broken one on my Pinto that I'm making pretty. At first I was bummed thinking it wasn't a match. This was because it only comes with one screw. After comparing the OEM to this one I realized you just need to take the bulb holder off and drill your own hole and then add your own screw. Huzzah! Now it has two screws and it fits perfectly into that rubber mount piece! Yeah!

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5 of 5 hackin' August 12, 2011
taco eater : Jello from Canada  
bought one of these a while ago, never had a use for it, then i decided to put it on my maxi. What i did was cut the plastic arm like mounting area off with a hack saw and then drilled holes in the bottom to mount it to a bracket which was bolted to the shock bolt. Being a canadian maxi (bombadier) it had no brake light only running, so now from the lisence plate light i have light shining on my spokes, kinda like neon!

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