semi-gloss satin aluminum SEVENTEEN inch rim - GOLD
semi-gloss satin gold SEVENTEEN inch rim


new gold 36 spoke rim for all your spoke wheel needs, will work for all size 17 tires commonly in use for many mopeds actual inner width of the rim is 1.4" inches to be exact

effective rim diameter = 410mm

these are just like the original wide style puch rims we all know and love

if you are using stock puch hubs you will need THESE spokes. The 188/189mm ones will not work.

weights 2lbs by itself

fun fact!!! when measuring rims, its from the inside diameter where the spoke holes are. if you are to measure the complete outer diameter, a 17" rim will be about 17.75" so if youre ever wondering what tires to get, its always 0.75" larger than the tire size you need

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