sealed wheel bearing conversion kit for 35mm hubs
sealed wheel bearing conversion kit for 35mm hubs


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

sealed wheel bearing conversion kit for 35mm hubs!! this uses 6202 bearing along with reducer bushings to allow you to convert your loose ball bearing wheels to 12mm axle sealed bearings!

be sure to remove your existing loose ball bearing cups and measure the ID of the hub to make sure that it's 35mm before ordering!!

6202 bearing dimensions:
15mm ID (12mm with reducer installed)
35mm OD
11mm width (15mm with reducer installed)

***lotsa notes*** that the reducer bushing will need to be pressed in correctly prior to installing the bearing into the hub. the reducer bushing flange will increase the overall outboard width of the bearing by 4mm. you will need to account for this in order for the brake plate and axle spacers to be correct for your application. this kit does not come with an axle or center spacer. you may need to make or modify existing axle spacers to work! also, you will probably have to drill out your brake plate and potentially enlarge your fork/swingarm dropouts to accept the larger 12mm axle you'll be using.

12mm axles and axles spacers found here

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