sealed wheel bearing MAGIC for 35mm ID / 12mm
sealed wheel bearing MAGIC for 35mm ID / 12mm


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

so, you removed your crappy old loose bearing cups from your mag wheel and now you have an empty space for a bearing with a 35mm OD....well, heres is the solution!!!! using:

- (2) 6202 bearings with 35mm x 15mm ID
- (2) 15 to 12mm tomos axle reducer bushings

the reducer bushings fit inside the bearing and turn the ID from 15mm to 12mm for the axle

and now your wheel is slow no more!

you can use this pack for front or rear, but you WILL have to grab an appropriately sized spacer for the center of the mag wheel between the bearings. all wheels have different spacing, so measure the distance with calipers and...

find a spacer you need here!!

then, grab a 12mm sealed axle in the size that you need

you might find the only thing that was making your bike slow where the restrictive old chunky bearings you had in ya save a little cash with this party pack, WOW

heres a diagram of how you would set it up, but remember it only comes with the 2 bearings and 2 reducer bushings, so get all the other stuff you need in the correct lengths for your wheel!!!!

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