gy6 50 scooter clutch - 107mm bell NU50 honda express clutch too ! - RACE version
scooter clutch for 107mm clutch bells like on the NU50 honda urban express & NX50 honda express SR




RACING version of the scooter clutch for 107mm clutch bells, like on this clutch assembly

this bolts right onto a honda urban express NU50 and NX50 express SR too, amazing !

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5 of 5 Works with NU50 and Malossi Scooter spring pack August 25, 2023
taco eater : Mickey Haddox from INDIANOLA, IA United States  
I love this clutch with the red springs on my DR urban. With a BX31 belt, it engages at a high, but not unreasonable level.  So far I have 50 miles on it, and it seems to take the torque, and was really easy to install (minus trying to get the springs on. That was hard, those things are super strong)

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5 of 5 Helped that 0-7 mph bog May 30, 2021
taco eater : Matthew Grantonic from New Middletown, OH United States  
Installed on my Urban with the DR kit and this helped that initial take off quite a bit.  Removed the yellow springs that came with it and installed reds.  With my stock clutch the clutch would start engaging just barely above idle (2000 rpm).  Now with the red springs its about 3100.  I'd like it to be higher but that additional 1000 rpm made quite a difference.

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3 of 5 Its a clutch June 25, 2018
taco eater : Mike Mills from Worcester, MA United States  
Slapped this in my urban express which I ride quite often. Take off was pretty sick for like a week til the springs seemingly stretched themselves out. I replaced them with some random 29mm blue springs i found (because regular gy6 springs are way too big) which woke it back up a little. It would be super rad if there was a link to the correct springs for this so it can be tuned good and proper.

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