sava mc11 2.25-17 tire party PRO PACK with tools!
sava mc11 17" x 2.25" tire party PRO PACK with tools!


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

for the seasoned veteran or the upcoming beginner! a satisfactory tire party pack consisting of mc11's, tubes, rim strips, tire irons and a rim protecting tool!! the tire changer's essentials!!

17" rim diameter
2.25" width

this will work for most mopeds that came with 17" wheels stock, but just make sure you have clearance and that the tires you are changing are basically the same width as these so you dont get fender complications and so on...

tire irons are always good to have around the shop, and you will probably find yourself using them more than you thought. the rim protecting tool helps prevent your rim edge from damage, because weve all seen damaged rims from time to time where people are prying the crap out of the tire and completely ruin their rim from sealing a tire / create a hop when in motion!! no more and never again!!

and as always, coming to you at a discount so hows about that!!!

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