sava MC50 racing tire - 100/80-17 - SUPER SOFT COMPOUND
sava MC50 racing tire - 100/80-17 - SUPER SOFT rubber compound



the sava MC50 racing tire for mopeds and motorcycles. this is the SUPER SOFT compound version, so this is what ya want if you are a true racer.

"the new tire named Sava MC50 practically originates from the MC31 S-RACER racing tire and is suitable for sportive motorcycles, supermoto, and naked low and mid capacity motorcycles and mopeds the construction of the Sava MC50 combines the experiences which the savatech d.o.o team has gained in riding not only on racetracks but also in daily traffic. the result is a multipurpose tire with excellent performance on dry surface and good handling on wet surface at the same time. the stiffness of the sidewall provides the tire stability, which brings a great benefit for racers on racetracks."

match with this one!

100/80-17 = 3.25" wide

rated 52H

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