sava MC2 moped tire - 2.25-16
sava MC2 moped tire - 2.25-16

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super race tire for 16" wheels. sava MC2. mitas owns sava now so these are the same tire but they say mitas instead of sava!!!

rated 38J

3lb 2oz

16" rim diameter
2.25" width

also tomos OEM #229079

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5 of 5 Nice tire! January 2, 2019
taco eater : David Silva from Draper, UT United States  
I bought this tire to install on a electric semi recumbent, under the idea that it would help with puncture proofing.

I have an 11mm tack, which is designed to emulate a really long goathead, and i test tires by stabbing them with it until the pin exits out the other side.

3mm of the tack was protruding out the outer edge of the tire.
1.5mm of the tack protruded out the center of the tread.

Very close to the result i got with the beefy Pirelli ML75. ( 2mm side, 1mm center )

A Hutchinson Spherus had 3mm of the pin protruding through the center, for comparison.

The tread compound is rather hard compared to the Pirelli ML75, so the extra .5mm of tack protrusion might not mean much once your weight is on the tire. It may be just as flat resistant as a ML75.

Treatland recommended this as a tire with good rolling resistance. I'm inclined to believe that claim, based on the hardness of the tire.

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3 of 5 hmm November 12, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from OH  
rides smooth and silky, not hard to put on and they always seat nice n ez.

first pair I ordered were legit sava but the next 2 pairs I ordered say mitas? lame. unless sava is mitas now? mayb change the listing to let the people know.

edit treats : yes all sava tires are slowly changing over to mitas now that mitas owns sava !! its the same tire.

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5 of 5 wowza March 18, 2014
taco eater : Blake Long from Columbia, SC United States  
perfect fit and they look great!

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5 of 5 Perfect fit November 25, 2013
taco eater : Ross Batto from Cincinnati, OH United States  
Put this on my '96 Tomos A35 Sprint rear tire and it fit like a charm. I had more trouble getting the old tire off than I did putting the new one on! There is a nice video explaining how to change a Tomos tire on you tube. Other than that the tire looks great and rides awesome! I would recommend this tire!

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5 of 5 dat traction. August 23, 2013
taco eater : Matt Veeneechei from Clifton, NJ United States  
Easy to put on, fit like a glove and ride like a boss.

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