sava B8 moped tire - 2.25-16
sava B8 moped tire - 2.25-16


sava B8 moped tire

16" rim diameter
2.25" width

speed rated at 60mph!

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5 of 5 These are home wreckers September 7, 2020
taco eater : Michael Fanning from North Haledon, NJ United States  
WARNING - The cheeky Taco eaters and Treatland use bright pink Victoria's  Secret packing tape wrapped around the +++size granny panties box that these tires come in. You will have some splainin to do
Good replacement on a 97 Targa.  Replaced some well worn and cracked original to bike racing slicks.  These are much more grippy in the front. Have to relearn corning behavior for my rips.  I also seem  have a top speed improvement, but maybe that's just from a taco Tuesday weight reduction.  Like others mentioned seating these tires is a pain. I had to lube them up and shock with a high pressure compressor to get the bead to seat. It was a PAIN.

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4 of 5 Look great, issues getting it seated July 29, 2020
taco eater : Mario Marin from Tewksbury, MA United States  
They are great, no directional arrows, original sava tires for my tomos.

I have "beach Bummin" mags (as treatland likes to call them) and getting these to seat properly is a pain, they are sized right but are just a tight fit it seems.

Going to keep trying

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5 of 5 Grab yerself a rubber July 15, 2016
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
These ain't no racin' slicks, but they ain't too shabby. Grab yerself an iron and crank these bad lads on cause they tight as hell. Ain't marked with a directional arrow so I jus' winged it makin' so the front tire grips better while brakin' and the back tire the other way 'round so I can rip with success.

So i've had these for a while now and i have to say i'm super impressed with them. Extra tacos all around.

Considering how cheap these are, they are holding up really well. I keep pushing them further on the edge and they just won't quit; draggin' knees on the way to work playa!

I'm still pretty cautious on manhole covers, steel plates, and loose gravel/dust, etc., but the tread pattern actually helps bite into the loose stuff a good bit.

Dope commuter tire, bruv. - New York Times

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