sachs to puch cylinder adapter plate
sachs to puch cylinder adapter plate


this handy aluminum plate allows you to mount a puch cylinder to a sachs 504 or 505!! now you can rip the legendary malossi 62cc puch kit on your sachs!!

this is for pro moped tuners ONLY. to adapt, bolt the plate to the sachs bottom end of your choosing then using the provided 5mm guide holes, drill and tap the case to the puch stud pattern with an M6 tap.

you'll need some m8 coutnersunk allen bolts to bolt the spacer to the bottom end.

DISCLAIMER: sachs altered the stud patterns of their engine cases multiple times over the years to thwart would be moped speed seekers from putting less restricted top ends on their motors. that being said, we tried our hardest to make the plate as universal as possible but there may be some minor alterations needed to get it to bolt right up to your specific sachs bottom end!!

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4 of 5 TRANSFORMATIVE September 10, 2019
taco eater : knoll from BUFFALO, NY United States  
Used this to bolt up a malossi 62 cc kit and for the love of all that is human I've somehow managed to escape into another dimension where I don't know if I am dreaming or not. I rip so fast that the world around me seems to be in slow motion as I zing through the galaxy in the sachstopuch wormhole.  

Had to do some dremeling for the transfers, but otherwise bolted up like nobody's business.  Appreciate the extra work the boys put in at treats to try and set us ped rats up for success as we attempt the unthinkable.

Used 116mm head bolts. Tres bon.

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4 of 5 Trendsetting March 6, 2019
taco eater : chrisquid from Sacramento, CA United States  
Now you too can be like me and make people go “wait, huh?” When they look closely at your Sachs!

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4 of 5 The key to a world of possibilities! February 18, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
Hey! This think is pretty rad actually! Just bolt it on, predrill, tap, and transfer match! 116mm studs work well so probably grab a set of those?!?

Stock Sachs transfers actually go out pretty wide in one spot, like wider than most Puch kits! But the spacer is thick enough where you can uhhh “cone” your transfers so that it’s perfectly smooth from the Sachs to the Puch!

Taking 1 star off because I had to do a little dremel adjusting to get 2 of the bolt holes in the right spot. No biggie. Weirdly enough it fit on a couple other 505s and a 504 I had around no problem so who knows.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE MOSTLY SOBER WHEN YOU PREDRILL. Don’t want crooked cylinder studs!

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