sachs moped athena 70cc cylinder kit for 504 and 505 - 45mm
sachs athena 70cc kit



sachs 70cc 45mm kit produced by athena. includes everything you need packed into a lovely rainbow box. all in one head and cylinder combo jug mug, piston n ring, 15mm intake for bing carbs and exhaust manifolds, gaskets, wrist pin, clips and a booklet

get yourself a replacement piston here!

15mm intake is for bing carburetors. 20mm mounting OD

use ES long thread plug

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powerful lil guy June 15, 2016
taco eater : Sam Smith from Madison, CT United States  
Bought a used sachs with the D motor, which is perfect for this cylinder by the way, and with a dumb 14 mm bing that is not correctly tuned it hits 35 squalid on the stock pipe. since that pipe overheats and falls off, just get the mlm like im going to someday. If you randomly hear a train beneath you, your pipe fell off, and you must put  bondo on it to keep it on there

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Sachs machine February 23, 2014
taco eater : Justin King from Rutland, MA United States  
Hey guys, just bought this kit to put on a 2 speed sachs 505 2b that I installed a spare D crank in, question I have is will this work with the D crank or do i have to install the B crank I have? Or is it possible to move ports around, extra gaskets or what have you to make the D work? Looks like a super high quality kit that needs little to no cleanup to run…  4 stars cuz I dunno how to crank it :D

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Customers who bought this, also bought September 10, 2012
taco eater : deadped ryan from Nashville, TN  
Throw a phbg, round bing or amal on your new kit with this intake riser

and get a plug to seal your decomp while you're at it. The port window is matched to the intake, you can ramp it to match the cylinder if ya want!

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not really a rating, just an observation June 28, 2011
taco eater : hnrzdoodz from chicago, IL United States  
did anybody notice the 15mm intake only measures 14mm? by my calculations that is .5mm less than the stock 14.5mm intake......hmmm

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Keep that clutch safe! February 24, 2011
taco eater : Andy, from the Zeros from toledo, OH United States  
nice mild kit, before you install it make sure you grind down the fins on the bottom right hand side so you can fit a bolt on there!

I'll have more details when it finally gets warm enough to ride

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