sachs HERCULES chrome EBR forks
sachs HERCULES chrome EBR forks


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chrome EBR forks (supposedly) for the sachs hercules, but as always, really for just about anything if the dimensions match up. just make sure you check the dimensions before your purchase of course! also note the unique brake tab on these.

head tube is 195mm - 57mm of threading

thread OD is 26mm x 1mm - puch n tomos size! however, use THIS type II fork nut, because the one has too large of a washer type bottom that hits the handlebar clamp...

65cm (25.5") total length, close to maxi length

brake tab is on the right side and 8cm up from the dropout

12cm between dropouts

95mm between fender mounts, they have cool adjustable sliding bottom nuts to fit different types of fenders / stabilizers!!!

fork tubes are 28mm in case you want clip-ons or something of the sort

does NOT come with headlight brackets, find some headlight brackets here!! 28mm might be best unless you have some other reason for larger ones..

head tube diameter is a little over 26mm, so you should probably get a fork race shim for the bottom race!!

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