sachs AIRSAL 43.5mm 70cc cylinder kit with removable head
sachs AIRSAL 43.5mm 70cc cylinder kit with removable head



WOAH. let me just say airsal has truly gone out of the box on their new cylinder for sachs 504 + 505. this 43.5mm nikasil-aluminum kit features a removable o-ring head; a first in sachs history! massive transfers should get this kit ripping pretty well, yet it's conservative enough to keep your clutch happy!

comes with cylinder, head, gaskets, angled intake, piston, wrist pin, wrist pin clips, rings, m6 hardware and a set screw for blocking off the decomp if ya so choose.

dual 1mm chromed ring piston for less friction at high rpms!

comes with (6) m6 25mm allen bolts for the intake and mounting the head to the cylinder. Feel free to grab some better quality m6 x 25mm allens if you like!!

the head for this kit uses a long thread es plug!

intake ID measures 14.5mm and 20mm OD. this fits the stock square bing carb.

uses 12mm wrist pin clips

exhaust flange ID measures 19mm and the OD measures 26mm so it will fit any sachs pipe!

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5 of 5 So Sick November 20, 2018
taco eater : J.S. from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Such a gnarly-ass kit. Putting it together was easy. I did use my own allen bolts since the stock ones were not-so-great. Holy HELL does my 505/1A on my General 5 Star rip now after hella tuning.

It went from a 20mph bike to a 40+mph bike with a MLM People's Pipe + Mikuni on there.

I'm still having trouble keeping it from air leaking through the decomp set screw, but that's probably just cause I have shitty tools and can't torque it properly in that tiny space.

The airsal intake for the bing is definitely nicer than the stock intake but it sits too low. Use some extra gaskets to keep it from hitting the engine case.

Switching to the MLM VM20 angled intake + Mikuni VM20 setup is WAY better. The piston + rings + head were great quality.

The piston clips were so hard to compress that I ended up using my old piston clips from my original piston instead.

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5 of 5 Things you should do today August 31, 2018
taco eater : Stuart Smalley from Duluth America  
-Buy this
-Spilt the case and match the transfer ports
-Buy 28mm header
-Buy cheapo treatland expansion exhaust
-Clean up clutch discs and plates w/ 500 grit wet sandpaper
-Install new bearings and seals with high temp grease while you’re in there
-Put it all back together
-Lean forward
-Twist throttle
-Hold on
-Slow down on steep roads you couldn’t make it up before
-Wipe that shxt eatin’ grin off yer face

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5 of 5 very nice kit September 29, 2017
taco eater : jeremy pochwat from newark, DE United States  
so this thing is pretty great kit and easy to install. a few things you might want to do before you install it.
1) the intake will not clear the case with out a double spacer
2) gasket match the intake to the bottom half cause its not even close
3) case match the transfer ports cause its almost laughable how blocked they are with the case in its stock form
4) maybe cut better gaskets cause the ones with the kit are pretty crappy and thin but they do work
5) get new bolts

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5 of 5 Get it, don't think twice just do it January 30, 2016
taco eater : nick from winsted, CT United States  
excellent kit for the money, would recommend to everyone and anyone with a sach, bolted right up to my 78 Colombian commuter with a 505 1b engine, like all the previous comments don't use the screws provided their junk. Put over 100 miles on the kit so far and loving it, using stock pipe and carb with an 65 round Bing jet hitting 30's (mph) and the clutch is still going strong. Good low end power and high end is amazing.

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5 of 5 Perfect 505d upgrade May 29, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from East Coast, United States  
This kit turned my tortoise into a jackrabbit. It's strong enough to blast but mild enough to save the clutch. Worked great with 15mm Bing. Good quality, easy install. Also likes MLM pipe. Removable head is great. Intake required thin custom riser.  No negatives.  Thanks for the treat, Treatland..

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