sachs 505 TOP racing crankshaft - evolution series
sachs 505 TOP racing crankshaft - evolution series



TOP racing evolution series crankshaft. this has the same stroke as a sachs 505/1D crankshaft, 44mm, so take this into consideration if you are using this on the A B or C setups. looks amazing to me wow!

will not work on 504 sachs engines

here is a woodruff key for this crank if you need one!

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for mega speed June 16, 2018
taco eater : jeremy pochwat from newark, DE United States  
so my circlip on my stock d motor slipped out and killed the jug so i bought this with a arisal kit.  This thing does sacrifice some low end for lots hi rpm magic. My only gripe is the vibrations can get a bit cray cray but overall well worth the money

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Hasn't blown up! June 17, 2016
taco eater : Sam Smith from Madison, CT United States  
Last one blew up, so I got this. Not only is it the only replacement I could find, but it actually has a new powerband that can be felt. Some low end loss, but it more than recovers it after 7 mph

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You spin me right round baby right round June 4, 2016
taco eater : Nick from CT  
Have it on a 1978 sach Columbia commuter with a505 1b, works excellent just make sure you check your squish because stock cranks are mostly 43mm so I just used an extra base gasket but still be careful and measure

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silky smooth February 10, 2012
taco eater : KDM from Auburn, NY United States  
seriously this thing will make you cry yourself to sleep at night.

Manufacturer description:

This full circle crankshaft for the highest standards. By silver cage bearing, optimized connecting rod and excellent workmanship, this wave of over 16,000 U / min.

Benefits of full circle crankshaft:
High precompression in the crankcase which leads to a greater negative pressure, thus, more fresh gas is drawn in and the flow rate increases.
The performance is thus shifted to higher speeds, which means more power and some losses in the lower rpm range.

suitable for all Hercules 505 engines with 44mm stroke, such as
Hercules M / Prima 2 3 4 5 6 N, S, SL, SX
Jogging, Basic, MX1, Optima 3

KTM Sparta, Kynast, MBK, Batavus

and many more

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