puch two speed za50 super stuffy crankshaft - v2 - LARGE bushing
puch two speed za50 super stuffy crankshaft - v2 - LARGE bushing



so, we offer both sizes of bushing za50 crankshaft. this is the larger type.

to figure out which is right for you, measure the inner diameter of your za50 clutch bell!!

- IF it is about 9.6mm, THEN you will need the v1 SMALL bushing crankshaft
- IF it is about 10.5, THEN you will need the v2 LARGE bushing crankshaft

a riddle, HE HE! indeed. a riddle finally debunked by our in house professors/hiptsters/nerds

ADDITIONALLY, most of the previous performance cranks of the past were machined incorrectly, meaning the circlip groove that holds in the 2nd speed driving plate was about a millimeter or two too far up the crankshaft so that when tightened by the clutch nut, the driving plate would bind up. the old solution was to run your bike without a shim and have it riding against the circlip (which still made it bind up a bit when completely tightened) and is incorrect in the assembly of the engine. moving parts riding against a circlip without a flat smooth shim surface can cause the clip to snap out of the groove by the moving part, resulting in a disaster inside your clutch cover / engine with the already crazy amount of moving parts inside.

The splines for first gear are also machined for a perfect tight fit, unlike some previous versions which were too tight and required filing.

now, you can have full faith in your build with new adaptations of the atomic super stiff pucks that protect your first speed gear from the harsh revving caused by the main shaft not having enough dampening when a larger kit is installed than stock or basically any performance upgrade is made.

it is recommended that you use the first and second gear TREAT clutches to prolong the life of your engine even further and improve overall performance.

with all of the necessary care taken into the rebuild process of a za50, you will be satisfied with the performance, speed capabilities, and ability to take on hills while still crushing long stretches.

this is a useful tool made by MLM in the usa to replicate a factory tool you should use to correctly assemble the engine.

be sure to shim correctly, and it is imperative that you stretch out your gearing and flip your first speed clutch so that you have more time in 1st before shifting into 2nd. as long as you keep your RPMs down, you will have tons of power and protect your gears from shearing!!

dont be intimidated by the za50, it is a wonderful beast when perfected!


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