puch / tomos stock tail light
puch / tomos stock tail light



original stock tail light found one many puch and tomos mopeds and others too. this is the super stock original style with reflector on the bottom and orange reflectors on the sides.

use with this license plate bracket if you want

comes with two 12v 10w bulbs, uses ba15s smaller size if you want to switch em.

there is also an NOS version of this with built in license plate bracket available.

also aftermarket replacement for tomos OEM # 222639

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5 of 5 Works Great June 19, 2018
taco eater : Marcus from United States  
Looks clean & works on my puch newport

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4 of 5 Fits Garelli SSXL March 28, 2013
taco eater : Sam Handwich from Baltimore , MD United States  
This plugs right into the stock wiring for the Garelli SSXL. Looks damn close to the stock one and works just as well. You do have to do some shaving down of the plastic to get it to properly fit against the fender, but that is no big deal.

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4 of 5 not bad March 18, 2013
taco eater : Anonymous Person from St. Pete, FL United States  
fits alright on the back of my cimatti city bike with some finagling... appears to be a compatible replacement to the original CEV taillight assembly, but not an exact replica. the bolt seems to be lower on the taillight than on the CEV original, so if you try to attach it to the same hole in the fender it will point upward and hit the luggage rack. also the rubber gasket from the original taillight was not compatible with this one. I had to make a new lower bolt hole which causes the light to point slightly below horizontal, and made a new gasket with a tube of silicone

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3 of 5 Update September 15, 2012
taco eater : bababooey from pa  
I acquired the original CEV version of this.  For those stockers who are interested... the brake light part of the original circuit includes a low watt resistor in between it and the ground.  It's included so if the brake bulb pops the bike won't crap out on Tomos.  Not sure of the wattage.  Do research.


The part that holds in the bulb itself is cheap and the wires got brittle and broke.  Resoldered but it was tricky to do and I couldn't get it in there without goofing up the plastic.  Started popping bulbs daily.

Just be prepared to come up with a solution for that.  This is coming from a guy who ride it basically every day for 2 years.

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4 of 5 Let there be light... May 11, 2011
taco eater : Vincent Sharretto from Guilford, CT United States  
Fit on my Maxi with a little modifiction.   The bulbs a 12 volt and seem dim on a 6 volt system.   I plan to upgrade to a 12 volt coil and voltage regulator.

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