puch & tomos exhaust mounting set - UPGRADE
puch & tomos exhaust mounting set - UPGRADE


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

nice little exhaust mounting kit for puch and tomos mopeds!!

UPGRADE version has a crush exhaust gasket for more sealing POWER

there are some slight variations, so make sure your stud hole center to center is about 42.5mm

ID of exhaust gasket is about 25mm, so will work with kits and even fine with stock too

comes with super useful long brass exhaust nuts that make tightening on your pipe easier if there are some header complications

you get some m6 studs, too, and flat washers. all the goodies!

AAAAAAAND with all of this, you get a sweet discount compared to buying all this stuff separately. seriously, add it up. actually, its about $3. which could be a couple tacos (maybe, only if they are at a Will approved price), a cheap tall can, slice of pizza, probably 2 full tanks of moped gas, some pinball money...the list goes on...

and you know, there really is the right way to install a pipe, too!! maybe youve been doing it wrong??

the best way is to:

1. install studs using the double nut technique...tighten two m6 nuts against each other on the stud then thread it into the cylinder using force only on the bottom nut. once fully in, hold the top nut with a wrench and loosen the bottom nut, then get em both off!


install with an m6 stud installer!!

2. hold the exhaust gasket on, hold the back of the pipe up and then push the header holes through the studs. pretty tricky. some people use there leg, or finger tricks, or whatever. you develop your own technique...

3. grab a washer and brass nut and thread one on. thread the others on after.

4. begin to tighten down your pipe while supporting the rear loosely. keep going until the pipe lays exactly WHERE IT WANTS TO GO. you NEVER tighten down the rear part of your pipe first!!! this is the biggest mistake. this will result in loosened nuts and leaks, pipes cracking, pipes falling off, etc....this is because you are putting force on the cylinder and pipe where it does not naturally fall, so keep this in mind!!

maybe you already knew all of that? thats rad! definitely wish someone told me my first time though!!

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3 of 5 nice hardware April 8, 2019
taco eater : LONNIE CAVENEE from Port Hueneme, CA United States  
Nice hardware and it looks great but the exhaust gasket did not fit my Tomos A55 Airsal cylinder. I used the gasket that came with the cyl kit as usual. Never had a any problem with those.

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