puch simonini aluminum silencer performance pipe
puch simonini aluminum silencer performance pipe



craaaazy clear coat expansion chamber with aluminum silencer from euro masters of raw power SIMONINI These require loss of pedals - bolts up excellently but the pedals can't clear the massive chamber - so you can still kick it over if you don't want to take off the pedals. With a lil hack and weld you can easily make it work with the pedals using a magnum pedal sprocket.

TAKE NOTE : **The ALU silencer version is best used when hacked and rewelded as the angle of the silencer gets very close to the rear shocks.

Pretty much one of the most impressive chambers for puch that there is. Requires modification for use on 80 kits as the angle will be wrong and the pipe will shoot up super hi.

This pipe is a weird shape and ships in a large box so it can sometimes throw off our lil shipping calculator - if you have lots of items and the shipping seems hi don't ya worry you'll get a refund, you can always contact us if and we will issue a credit if it is off. yay!

24mm header ID

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5 of 5 I had to cut everything December 5, 2017
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
This is In no way a bolt & go exhaust. I had to shave the pipe flange , I had to cut off my pedal arms and extend them. It also its hitting my spuspesion so I have to put a control dent in the silencer. This pipe is huge, huge, huge

Update: It will rip until you smear your kit

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5 of 5 Rad May 16, 2012
taco eater : bryan colliver from long beach, CA United States  
a 15 sha a gila an this pip rips way hard you will love it

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5 of 5 time travel August 11, 2011
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
open up some worm holes my friends... time travel with the puch simonini! yeah, it doesn't clear pedals.  so what.  yeah, it isn't bolt and go... you will have to shave some of the header flange down and also widen the rear mount hole a little on the pipe... but holy crap, this pipe revs forever and throws some sick speed at ya...

the aluminum silencer version DOES get close as hell to the shocks, in fact it's actually kinda rubbing on them but I don't care.  my silencer now has a flat spot so it fits well with the shocks.  cool.

get ready to tune your clutch and re-gear... this pipe doesn't hit until wayyyyyy up there in the RPM range, i'm thinking like 7,000 rpms but I don't have a tach so i'm not sure.  I have my 3 shoe lightened to 65g each shoe and 16x40 gearing... slips right into the powerband with treat reed kit, dio intake, 24oko.

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3 of 5 Still a great value July 4, 2011
taco eater : Anonymous Person from colorado  
This is definitely not a bolt up and go pipe. Had to shave off a lot from the header flange just to get it to fit the kstar. Clearance with the rear shocks is a problem as well.

It sure rips though. 3 shoe clutch and 16x45 gearing rips harder than my proma circuit ever did.

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5 of 5 nice pipe January 10, 2011
taco eater : Max Bickford CGFY from Allston, MA United States  
very very big chamber angle keeps ya but warm.

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