puch radical SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed!!!!!!
puch radical SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed!!!!!!



oh man, i don't even know what to say. it's been many years of prototyping, ripping, refining, sweat and tears, nesquik drinking to bring the people the one and only teatland exclusive flat port, side-bled with adjustable end bleed estoril.

comes with (3) m8 x 1.25mm allen bolts to adjust your back pressure! one bolt is just a regular m8 if yer not into that end bleedin action, one has a 2mm ID hole and one has a 4mm ID hole. try em all and see how it affects the power band of the pipe!! its like having a 42104392 different pipes in one.

you can always grab some 20mm long M8 x 1.25 allens and drill them out if you want to really dial things in.

also features a redesigned rear mounting bracket with slot technology. this makes it far easier to mount it to your maxi, newport, magnum, pinto, freespirit, swinger, cobra, white cobra, series b, murray, etc....probably the easiest pipe to mount out of any pipe at treatland.tv aka treat.

oh, and this does not have the internal baffle cone thing!

ALSO, i would suggest getting some thick washers for the slotted mounting bracket so it evenly distributes the force of the bolt across a larger area of the bracket.

23.5mm header ID

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5 of 5 Nice and easy. September 23, 2020
taco eater : Jeffrey Strichart from Downingtown, PA United States  
I bought this for my Maxi and installation took no more than five minutes. Can't wait to run it, my project is almost finished.

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5 of 5 awsome well rounded perfomance but watch out October 28, 2017
taco eater : Brian and Albert from overland park, KS United States  
We love this pipe and have purchased 7 of them. And we will continue to buy them for every build we can. But after ripping a bike apart a few times over because it ran like trash. We figured out one of these pipes had a cork plugging the pipe right at the silencer. Maybe part of manufacture pressure test? Had to remove the silencer to see it. Really ruined a few hours and made us question our build skills until the only possible thing left to look for was and exhaust restriction and bam there it was. So look out if you put this thing on and you don't run right or at all.

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5 of 5 Good for the V1 too! September 13, 2017
taco eater : Guillaume Guite from Quebec, QC Canada  
Put this on my V1 and saw a big improvement on low and mid range with a stock motor. Just had to file the flange holes and make myself a nice bracket. The header is quite large so take the studs out and use some really short (12mm on mine) M6 allen bolts.

Helps with the hills. Also barely louder than the stock pipe.

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4 of 5 Pretty Good for 50-70cc June 30, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Detroit, MI  
The Good:
It's got a multistage chamber and is adjustable bleed. It's got a huge baffle and is infact very quiet when the M8 is plugged in the end. The welds seem good and it bolts up to Maxi / Magnum with no hassles as the rear hanger offers a lot of adjustment (use a bracket for Magnum)

The Bad:
Most of these issues come with time. The clear coat is going to burn and peal off. Once I hit about 350F the whole header and part of the cone clear pealed off in one ride. The baffle is gonna rattle loose and start dripping oil all over the chamber. That oils gonna get on your rear wheel and burn and smoke off. Luckily you can just buy a new baffle. Last the header is 23.5 mm which is fine for most things but kinda sucks for big engines.

Low end is okay I suppose. The pipe hits in the mids and pulls through the highs. This is pretty good if you're trying to go as fast as possible, if you're city blasting I'd stick with a Proma Circuit.

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5 of 5 If I were in Iran I'd be beheaded for idolatry. July 10, 2016
taco eater : Brian Singer from North Wales, PA United States  
This pipe was an upgrade from the Techno Boss I got with my treats kit v2 and it effing RIPS. I No longer feel like an asshole coming off of a red light. Seriously it's got the whole range, lows to high but the mids are exceptional. Once I reach top speed I lay off the throttle a bit and just cruise. For once my rpms aren't all over the place and it's all thanks to this bad ass pipe.

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