puch radical B.Y.O.S.B.E. pipe - RAW
puch radical B.Y.O.S.B.E. pipe - RAW
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new to the land is the build your own sidebleed estoril in the rawest finish available. perfect for custom builds or anyone who wants to paint it up all nice like! it's unpainted but lightly oiled to keep it from flash rusting.

here's all the info ya already probably knew:

oh man, i don't even know what to say. it's been many years of prototyping, ripping, refining, sweat and tears, nesquik drinking to bring the people the one and only teatland exclusive flat port, side-bled with adjustable end bleed estoril.

comes with (3) m8 x 1.25mm allen bolts to adjust your back pressure! one bolt is just a regular m8 if yer not into that end bleedin action, one has a 2mm ID hole and one has a 4mm ID hole. try em all and see how it affects the power band of the pipe!! its like having a 42104392 different pipes in one.

you can always grab some 20mm long M8 x 1.25 allens and drill them out if you want to really dial things in.

also features a redesigned rear mounting bracket with slot technology. this makes it far easier to mount it to your maxi, newport, magnum, pinto, freespirit, swinger, cobra, white cobra, series b, murray, etc....probably the easiest pipe to mount out of any pipe at treatland.tv aka treat.

oh, and this does not have the internal baffle cone thing!

ALSO, i would suggest getting some thick washers for the slotted mounting bracket so it evenly distributes the force of the bolt across a larger area of the bracket.

23.5mm header ID

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brilliant! July 14, 2016
taco eater : Taylor Duncan from Columbus, OH United States  
take an already awesome pipe and then eliminate the one drawback, the crappy clear coat. break out your bbq black ya skacker, or VHT if you're fancy. Powder it if you like plastic! the possibilities... oh the possibilities!

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