puch puch puch PROMA circuit performance pipe
puch PROMA circuit performance pipe


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crazy rare and here for the first time in quite some time, long thought to be outta production but somehow this wayward batch of circuit promatastic found its way to our warehouse doors. wow! these pipes mount up super easy on all flat port kits and are famed, totally famed for their insane low end and mid range. many a kiddie with this pipe will tell you how he will blast ya no matter what your set up is. seems good for boosting confidence levels, BUT trade off is its SUPER loud and annoying sounding like a rabid chainsaw. it's got a 18mm OD stinger so you can use other 18mm baffles to lower the noise or you can get an original replacement here. tops out kinda lower than other pipes. great for city stop n go go go or short range dustin. some people hack open the header as it is only 23mm and weld on a larger diameter header to get a bit more mph on the top. great all around pipe though for sure, i mean there is no perfect pipe for everyone. I am happy to no longer have to answer hundreds of emails asking when this will be here, ITS HERE!!!!!!

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5 of 5 Wicked little critter November 3, 2022
taco eater : Dan from Stratford, CT United States  
This is the pipe to get when you want your bike to sound like the Crazy Frog. It really gave my kitted Maxi 2 the bump it needed. "Rabid chainsaw" is an excellent description of its sound - it sounds louder than the BK100 to me while riding, but observers say it's actually quieter. Must be because the noise is higher pitched or something.

Feel the thrill of watching the speedo cross the 30 mark and the pipe not even slowing its pull.

The silencer arrived with its little tube out of round, and didn't want to fit onto the end of the pipe. Dremeled a 45 chamfer on the inside of the silencer's tube, then muscled up on it and jammed it on as hard as I could. Tacked it into place and it's good to go.

Hammer the front tab down so it's bent 90 degrees. Enjoy free access to the cylinder stud it previously covered.

Also use threadlocker on your rear mount bolt. Seriously.

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5 of 5 Good pipe October 8, 2019
taco eater : bigbadbrother from San Jose, CA United States  
good pipe for low and mid range. If you live in hill country or you need to get up to speed fast then you need to look at this one. Cut a slot 180 from the slot that it already has then clamp it on.

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5 of 5 Best pipe June 26, 2019
taco eater : carl from Long Island city, NY United States  
I got this pipe once and I’m never going to use another pipe again.

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5 of 5 wow March 29, 2019
taco eater : Garrett Bernhagen from Chicago, IL  
Cut the header and re-welded it to fit on my stock magnum ZA50, pretty tricky, but well worth it. From the reviews I knew this would be a solid investment, but I just wasn't too sure how it would hold up after the modification to fit it to my bike, but it did, and boy is it great! Went from 25mph with a stock pipe and airbox to around 35mph with a high flow filter and the proma circuit. Couldn't be happier!

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4 of 5 This pipe RIPPPS October 22, 2018
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Vancouver, WA United States  
Put this on my free spirit and almost get pulled off my bike from the torque. Only problem is that the center stand tabs dont clear it. So you may need to go without a stand with this pipe

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