puch pedal shaft DISHED washer
puch pedal shaft DISHED washer



replacement dished pedal shaft washer for all puch and kromag mopeds!!! maxi! magnum! pinto! murray! all of them!

this washer goes on the inside of the pedal shaft, behind the pedal shaft sprocket and prevents the weld on the inside of the shaft from wearing against the pedal shaft bushing. Good thinking johann puch!

zinc plated like the original

16mm ID
40mm OD
3.5mm depth

OEM Puch part # 349.

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3 of 5 Needs filing October 9, 2022
taco eater : Frank Sapone from Marietta, PA United States  
Like most aftermarket, it's close but no cigar.  Too tight to fit on the pedal shaft.  You will need to file/bore to make it fit.

Check your pedal shaft play by pushing one side or the other.  If there's any significant play you're likely popping the pedal chain off sometimes.  You're probably missing this washer and the other ones.  If it still pops off after you've fixed the play, clean your chain and the tensioner.  You might need to bend the tensioner a bit.

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