puch moped new 17" BLACK five star - RIM only!!
puch moped new 17" BLACK five star - RIM only!!



the classic 17" puch grimeca five star mag RIM in the color - black - !!

perfectly straight and true, mm think about how perfecto these will look on any puch build. or any other bike you can make em fit on...peugeot, moby, if ya know what you're doing, these are very easy to adapt to most bikes. or use them as for awesome yard art, heavy dudey bicycle wheels, a sick steering wheel for your vw bus or vanagon, giant hoop ear rings? etc...grab one and a stick and roll it down the street for hours of entertainment!

you get just the rim, no hub or anything else!

grab a REAR hub here

grab a FRONT drum hub here

grab the legendary mike t front DISC setup here

17" diameter
1.35" rim width
weighing in at exactly 4.00 lbs per rim (no hub of course). pretty dang light!

note these are sold INDIVIDUALLY! if ya want 2, add 2 to your cart!

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