puch moped EXOTIC chopper seat - BLACK COBRA
puch moped EXOTIC chopper seat - BLACK COBRA


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from the vault of treatland's rare exotics we bring you a super tall mighty SLAMMED chopper seat. sits low and reaches to the sky...

we made the "even taller one" that we said we would and now it will add to your rebel bozozoku.

this version has NO spring, guaranteed to be as low as possible. clamps right on to your stock seat post with a 21.5mm diameter! grab one here if youre missing yours....

has a rad sissy bar already installed, good for hanging your helmet on when you park, moving your bike around the garage, hanging your license plate from, or bolting on a tail light to...also prevents you from falling off when youre blasting...

sissy bar goes up about 23" from the bottom of the seat

seat either rests on the back of your fender or on the stock book rack...

the back is padded all the way up!

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4 of 5 The strongest sissy out there. November 20, 2018
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
This is a very well framed seat. The pad portion is bolted to the frame and I didn’t have any noticeable flex.

The seat vinyl was not adhered where the sitting part goes vertical, which may stretch into place with heat and use.

I found the sitting surface just a little too short to get my plump bottom feeling secure, you don’t have anywhere to hang the extra butt off the back of!

Unless you have your rear rack on there just right you are going to NEED some sort of support for the rear bottom of this, cranking down the bolt on the post will only get you so far, especially if leaning back!

Be aware that your bars are going to be a mighty stretch if you want to lounge with this thing. My ape hangers needed to be pulled waaaay back for reach.

The seat post hole does not expand to accommodate anything. The bolt head and nut are riding tight with the seat frame on either side.

This looks sick on my Moby 50v Chopper.

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