puch moped 12mm loose bearing axle 215mm long
puch moped 12mm loose bearing axle



puch 12mm loose bearing axle

with all the fun stuff attached, like bearing cup things and nuts and what not.

bearing cup OD is 29.2mm
about 80mm of threading on either end
215mm overall length

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3 of 5 careful with ordering 12 mm axles September 6, 2017
taco eater : Marc Friedman from davis, California United States  
Basically this axle is probably perfect for some wheels but the two cone nuts need to be 57 mm or greater apart which is not the case for the front 17" mag grimeca wheel that is on my vespa grande. the description alludes to it. There is a 200 mm 12mm axle alone that has about 30 mm of thread separation in the middle which for front wheels is probably a safe bet to get it right the first time. The olympia might also work. All the threads appear to be 1.0 pitch which makes sense on the need to set cone nut depth on loose bearings exactly. I ended up reusing the oem hardware as it was more robust  so yea, the whole axle and hardware wasnt really useful.

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1 of 5 A little bigger than stock. September 15, 2014
taco eater : Tony Ngo from largo, FL United States  
I had to reem out my brake plate for this to work.

About 2 months later, less than 200 miles and I've snapped this axle where the threads end in the middle on the drive side. I have a 107cc 4 stroker but common...

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