puch maxi-friendly KNOBBY party in 17 x 2.25
puch maxi-friendly KNOBBY party in 17 x 2.25
alternate reality price $77.94


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

get ready for the dirtcross superjumps with dana pastrana or pop in some snow studs for some chill winter bobsledding, these tires can fit a maxi and tons more, and are tough enough for the harshest terrain! comes with tires, tubes, and rim protecting strips....!!

simply look at your old tires and rim size, figure out if these sizes replace yours, and youve got an invitation!!

and in typical treatland fashion we bring you this party at the lowest possible price so you still have money for burritos, brews, soda, sour beer, body jewelry, tanning supplies...

tis ones's gonna be fun!!!!! see you there

*** NOTE these will fit maxi but things will be very close! for the rear, you will need to make sure that the wheel is at the back end of the drop out to get the most clearance possible. you may want to pick up a half link just to be safe. the front fender will NOT clear if you have the narrower 1977 or older year fender! be prepared to do a little grindy to make things fit. these are the smallest width knobbies available for 17in wheels so if ya want knobs, just keep in mind that they may take a lil work to clear***

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