puch maxi EBR short BLACK inverted forks - slightly beefy, secret freespirit forks
puch maxi & freespirit BLACK inverted forks




these beauties are around the same length as maxi forks, inverted, thickened, reinforced, upside down and altogether rather RAD.

UPDATE 2018 like 10 years later.. someone (GOSHEN MOPEDS) has finally figured out these are actually freespirit forks. Need forks for your free spirit? Here ya go. So cool. use em on your magnum or maxi or pinto tho too if ya want of course

NOTE!!** these are not a direct fit for the blue rigid free spirit. Rigids use a shorter fork.


23" total length head tube is 180mm long with 55mm of threading thread OD is 26mm x 1mm - puch and tomos size super beefy

35mm OD fork tubes for yer clip on measurin

maxi ebr's are 23 inches long magnum ebr's are 27 inches ish

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5 of 5 Puch lesson time! April 17, 2018
taco eater : Goshen Mopeds from goshen, IN United States  
These forks are pretty special as they are beefier versions of the forks that were only used on one model of us released mopeds, the standard red free spirit. Like the standard red free spirit, there is no speedo mount, something unique to that model as well as the speedo was in the headlight. You CAN use a maxi type 1 fender with these but you'll need to mount the fender bracket on the inside, so space them accordingly. You will also have to tap them as they come untapped.

Free spirit deluxe uses magnum II forks
Rigid free spirits use rigid forks
Magnum xk use magnum forks
Pintos use maxi sport forks
Swingers use maxi type 1 forks
Rigid Swingers use rigid forks

Now you know your kromags.

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4 of 5 solid September 11, 2016
taco eater : nash brunelle from portsmouth, RI United States  
these are solid, but a couple things I noticed :

Height seems to be the same as my original maxi forks, maybe a tiny bit taller... there is a half inch gap on the top fork nut that i could have made up for by putting a spacer under the bottom bearing race... youll understand when u get them, cause  u should...

Here's my bigger issue tho : no mounting bracket for disc brake? Looks like the full size EBR forks have it, but these don't. sadness... maybe weld time? I really want disc brake awesomeness, any input from Benji and crew would be great !

Otherwise these are  smooth enough that all the cheese stays on top of my tacos when i'm rippin' at at about 50...

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5 of 5 installed on a puch without a problem September 3, 2016
taco eater : andrew rope a dope from suttons bay, MI United States  
reused my old bearings, fit without a problem on my puch swinger. the brake/brace tabs aren't parallel, which caused some problems with my fork brace. a vice and hammer sorted that out. had to add a few washers to my axle, wider than stock forks. fits a 17x2.75 gazelle and it looks SICK

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5 of 5 chopped! October 4, 2015
taco eater : Scrodzilla from San Diego, CA United States  
The one I recently got was the older, long version (even though the description says it's shorter) and I didn't realize it until installing it on my Newport. Now I've got a Newport with full-on chopper steez. Had to use a Magnum kickstand to get the rear wheel off the ground but I kinda dig it, so it's all good.

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5 of 5 awesome September 19, 2012
taco eater : Zachary Winkle from Chico , CA United States  
just got a set of these three days ago.. went on easy, and ride unreasonably well.. solid, stoked.. :D

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