puch maxi chrome stock exhaust pipe by tecno - 28mm OD/24mm ID
puch maxi chrome stock pipe tecno




stock exhaust pipe in stunning chrome finish. 28mm OD/24mm ID exhaust manifold for undercover big boyz

made by famed maker of the estoril, boss, bullet, circuit and many more, tecno!

maxi styleee. for stock enthusiasts, and undercover silent ninjaz,

for many mopeds such as the maxi, newport, dart, swinger, pinto, freespirit, kromag, cobra. . .

NOTE: These will not fit ZA50 equipped Maxi frames without some bending or other modification.

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5 of 5 Cool look and decent performance for cheap. October 24, 2023
taco eater : CHR1TT3R  
Picked this up to replace my stock pipe. Got a 5mph increase at top end with no loss to low end. Keep in mind though, you will need to buy an additional nut for the baffle to lock them together. My baffle fell out on my first mile and was lost to the ether. I needed to steal the baffle out of my old pipe.

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4 of 5 Best for everyday riding April 2, 2023
taco eater : Philip Schaller from Cincinnati, OH United States  
I live in the city, Cincinnati OH.
This is a great pipe matched with a 65 kit and 15 bing.
I built my Maxi for riding daily, not to race. It has good offline low-end performance. It sounds great. It helps with climbing hills, and it looks stock!! It hits a wall at high RPM's. 9000? ish. Guess I will not blow up? I ride daily and recommend this exhaust pipe. Loctite the baffle, throw on another screw for good insurance, and ride on.

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4 of 5 Don't let it blow itself apart April 15, 2021
taco eater : tnast from State College, PA  
Don't get too impatient and slap this pipe on and immediately rip it when you get it, or else you'll lose the bolt at the very end of the pipe that holds the whole thing together.

Mine probably fell in a storm drain somewhere, but that's ok, I just tack welded back together, guess I'm not cleaning it out.

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5 of 5 a fast bad boy July 6, 2020
taco eater : Jake Spangle from Oakland, CA United States  
nice stock stand-in for your sleeper maxi, big header lets you rip nice and hard still, with just a lil extra noise

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5 of 5 Great exhaust upgrade for price September 8, 2019
taco eater : Valley Vintage Motorworks from Monaca, PA United States  
Excellent stockish looking upgrade for price.  I pair this with a MLM 15mm intake and a 15mm genuine Bing carb and a high flow airfilter and wabang! Great upgraded performance and you can still rock side covers and the bike looks stock.

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