puch 65cc massive port replacement piston - 43.5mm
puch 65cc massive port replacement piston - 43.5mm


replacement piston for the puch hero massive port 65cc kit!

one chromed ring on the top, one regular ring below, piston, wrist pin and new more conventional style clips that won't eat your cylinder for lunch if they decide to throw themselves!! sry steve!!


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1 of 5 Internal C clips broke May 10, 2012
taco eater : Steve Perkio from Riverside, CA United States  
The piston seems to be fine but beware.
DO NOT use the internal C clips that come with this piston.

In less than 20 miles the ear of one of the C clips broke off and destroyed my new kit. Mine also show a pattern of wear where they were rotating in the piston recess at the wrist pin.

Purchase new wrist pin clips to go with this piston!

Remember to clip off some or all of the tab to help keep these in the piston as well.

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