puch malossi SHA 15.15 carburetor kit
puch malossi SHA 15.15 carburetor kit


one dellorto lever choke 15.15 SHA carburetor!

one 15mm puch intake by malossi!!

one really fancy lever plus shim!!!!!

one throttle cable with no housing!

an intake gasket and a couple stickers!!

this is mainly for puch MAXI, the long choke lever will get in the way on puch magnum and other tube frames!!!!!!!

comes with a 82 dellorto main jet!


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4 of 5 It works September 30, 2016
taco eater : Andy from Santa Cruz  
Idk what other peoples are yelling at SHA's on puchs about, but it works on my buddie's Maxi. he bought this, slapped it on a 100% stock setup, never re-jetted and plug's nice and a perfect brown. You gotta make sure you tighten that intake down and tight, get a good seal on it because it's a bit airleak prone if it's not seated really well, but it works. The SHA mounts at a slight angle, but nothing you can't deal with.

it's boggy off the line, but if you get going 2 mph or so it takes off after and just keeps going.

ALSO NOTE: works on the stock gurtner intake on puggy 103's with the same shim that fits on the cheap shitty SHA intake for puchs, so probably the stock shim although i can't remember if i swapped it out.
so what I'm saying is it fits on a stock 103 gurtner intake with the shim that comes with this SHA, probably.

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3 of 5 cheap intake but workable August 6, 2012
taco eater : Simon from Chicago, IL United States  
Intake is cheaply made but serviceable. Don't go crazy tightening down the clamp or you will probably crack it. You have to file down the sides of the intake to get a socket around the nuts.  Otherwise easy breezy mounting on a Maxi/Newport, tho not much clearance for bigger air filters. Mine came with some magic little bits not advertised! (knarp + extra bushing)

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