puch magnum limited dashboard complete
puch magnum limited dashboard complete

alternate reality price $199.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

a complete puch magnum limited dashboard! so beautiful now you can make any magnum a limited. mount this to anything you like and then tell everyone its limited. they probably won't get it but who cares!! its limited!!!

47mm x 30mm mount pattern however the holes are slotted for 47mm width so you got a lil wiggle room

comes with everything shows in the photos, but you will also need a speedo cable and drive. or use your old ones! oh, and don't forget to wire up everything!!! and you might want one of these fairings too!

****please note that you will have to assemble this dash, as you will be sent the parts un-assembled as in picture 4. you will need to slightly file down the round indent for the bars so the bars fit absolutely perfectly. otherwise the bars will not fit into the groove correctly which will cause the plate to mount incorrectly. additionally, a small amount of filing in required for the green light to fit into the indicator light slots, as well as a filing at the front bolt hols for the dashboard cover.****

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