puch magnum EBR black hydraulic forks - 26mm head tube
puch magnum EBR black hydraulic forks - 26mm head tube



!!!! news flash ebr hydraulic forks now have metal caps so they are soooo much easier to remove so you can change the oil and mess around with suspension settings, yeaaaaaa !!!

these are the new magnum length puch hydraulic ebr forks in BLACK! YES BLACK BLACK BLACK MAGNUM MAGNUM

**now featuring perfect sized head tube for flawless mounting to magnum frames**


this version features cast aluminum alloy (triple tree & legs) vs. pressed steel as found in the original ebr edition

so unbelievably smooth and nice and dreamy, I want to take one home with me, yeah maybe i did.

mounting holes for disc brake caliper OR drum brake.

use sealed or loose bearing axles of course.

standard puch 26mm x 1mm head tube diameter threading

210mm tall head tube with 60mm of thread.

this version approx 27" long and 18.75" from the bottom of the triple tree to the end

the caliper mount is 60mm from eyelet to eyelet and also slightly off set - the top mount sticks out 5mm more than the bottom

fork tube diameter is 28mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

looking for a PERFECTO 12mm sealed axle that slots nicely into the 11mm size drop outs?? This one fits amazingly. Just make sure you get 11mm axle nuts.

**these might have a small paint chip or two from the trip over here**

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5 of 5 Awesomeness March 22, 2012
taco eater : Christian N from Fort Lauderdale, FL United States  
Only problem I had was I had to open a little to put the 12mm axles in. Well worth the loot!

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5 of 5 yay October 13, 2011
taco eater : bp from youngstown, oh  
treats stood behind their product. replaced the manufacturer's defective part! couldnt be happier!

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4 of 5 had the kinda with plastic plugs October 9, 2011
taco eater : bp from Youngstown, OH United States  
The top tripple tree developed a hairline fracture and spilt upon tightening after  recent rebuild. upon inspection, the casting looks flawed/poor. there are large air bubbles and cavities within the material. the break is a clean fracture - no torsion in the material, just a snap.

definitely want to refill with a heavier oil and add a spacer atop your springs. i bottom out and feel squishy in corners. Do yourself a favor and fine some cheapo dirtbike roller bearing headtube thingers. you can get a super nice profile with these.

aside from that. perfect moped forks. easy to mount a caliper and you can tune them to perfect confidence

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5 of 5 great forks December 26, 2010
taco eater : Trevor Yee from Corona, CA United States  
i suggest that anyone ordering any forks, to buy the corresponding headset bearing sets for them...... your old crown race will most likely be a bitch to take off without destroying.... still no fender solution yet though ....

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5 of 5 sweetness July 16, 2009
taco eater : jason kluczyk from chicago, IL United States  
These are nice and solid on my puch free spirit.  They don't feel very bouncey but these things can take a bump pretty good!  Trying to come up with a solution to get my fender back on though...

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