puch e50 / za50 magura LUXURY MODEL control party - Version 1
puch e50 / za50 magura LUXURY MODEL control party

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here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


hi there, may I present to you.... very very top quality control party du jour
featuring a super nice OEM magura throttle, left and right OEM brake levers, pair of OEM grippy grips, clutch lever and lil knarp pieces n goodies! has one spot for a brake light switch too!!

the throttle and grips and brake levers are all OEM original magura. the left perch is CNC since the magura one is discontinued...so we made a new
two piece updated version for 2021 to carry us into the future.

this is going to be an exact replacement for bikes like puch, batavus, sachs, peugeot, solo, kriedler and more that use a clutch/start clutch lever on the left side. If you need a second lever for choke/decomp..whatever.. grab one of these little levers. It will go onto the throttle side and let you choke and decomp all you want. 103 aficionados you will need this.

oh!!!! and fun fact, magura was the oem control manufacturer for tons of mopeds since the 70s, like puch, batavus, peugeot and more, so its like you're replacing old controls with a brand new (mostly) OEM updated set!!

this is the closest you can get to an OEM version of your original magura setup.

comes with all you see above in the pics / list!!! you get a discount by getting this all together too, SCORE!!

grip it and rip it

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5 of 5 Just work out the bugs May 11, 2022
taco eater : Goshen Mopeds from Goshen, IN United States  
I'm pretty impressed with these. I took a different take on these than they come.

For starters, I reused a left side spring from an old broken control and the spring action was fantastic, so if you have an old one, use it.

I didn't like the bolt and but for the lever so I pressed the old pin out of an original control and pressed it back into the new one. Presto. Amazing.

The throttle has the slider loose and uninstalled for some reason. Don't freak out. You won't be able to just pop it in. There is a retaining rod for the throttle, but you wont have to remove it, just kinda angle it away from the pin side and give it a firm and careful pull and it will come out of the housing. From there, place the slider long side in at the resting position at the grip side of the throttle. From there you can slide it into the housing and give it a ginger smack to get it back into the retaining rod. Don't go donkey Kong on this part or you'll be sorry.

I'll buy it again.

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