puch e50 transmission cooler for racers n blasters
puch e50 transmission cooler for racers n blasters



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

new cnc aluminum puch E50 transmission cooler!! features stock starter actuator location to maintain the class and prowess of pedal start technology!! If you are a bad-to-the-bone racer with KTM or weird other racer tech that requires pull/drill start, NO worries, this still works great!

this amazing piece of engineering prowess allows you to run a LOT more ATF in that lil e50 than before which equals COOLER clutch temps!! Somehow magically we found this also to drop head temps through the magic of 𝑄=𝑚𝑐Δ𝑇. Do you need help on your math homework, ok that's nice.

There are 2 (or more) ways you can use this hot dogger! 1: just bolt it on your engine and fill it up until until the ATF overflows like normal through the normal fill hole. 2: is for the real bad dudez and wheelie masters, overfill the trans fluid using the top M6 hole on the spacer, but to do this you MUST plug the rear breather hole on the E50 case or oil will come out of it. We suggest drilling and tapping the factory breather hole with an M4 during a rebuild when the cases are split. If you are going this route you MUST also use the M8 barb linked below in the threaded cnc plug as your new case vent.

all of the starter parts can be removed from your original e50 clutch cover and transferred over to the cooler!! how cool is that? but wait, now there's one BIG hole in my clutch cover. won't all the transmission fluid escape from there? NO you are WRONG because we have made a special o-ring'd aluminum plug that prevents this from happening! If you want to run without the original starter, just buy a second plug and run 2!!! If you are filling to the normal fluid level, you can plug this with an M8, but if you wanna overfill your engine and plug the rear case vent, you MUST let the air vent through the new aluminum plug. STAY VENTED.

includes (4) extra long flat head socket cap clutch cover screws since your original ones will be much too short now

replacement plug o-ring available here

if you want to run the stock center stand on your bike, you'll need to grab a center stand spring bracket!

the spacer features an m6 tapped hole on top and on bottom that can be plugged with the included m6x10mm bolts n gaskets. these ports can be used for lots of things! The the bottom can be used for M6 thermocouples or a bonus drain plug. The top can be used for catch can outlet/inlet/ filling hole/ secret weird JBot stuff. There is also an M8 tapped hole on the plug itself so grab an M8 inlet nipple for running a catch can or other experimentation. don't feel like experimenting? no worries, there's an M8 bolt n gasket included to keep it plugged up.

the spacer is 32mm thick. this may cause pedal clearance issues on some models so be prepared for that!! it's ok though, you're a racer and a hacker and can handle these types of complications! Andy ran one on the maxi in the pics with stock pedal shaft and didn't have any fitment issues and was able to pedal all the way to the ice cream stand when he ran out of gas.

clutch cover is NOT included!! the one in the pics is this creampuff, but luckily for those of us without $$$, you can just re-use your original one!

This is intended for regular style E50s with the regular clutch cover. We aren't sure on Puch AD/Dart/Mini Maxi/Hero E50s. If you try it on one and it works, please comment!! This for sure will not work on the old grand pappy E50s where you have to split the case to get to the clutch, but come on you know better.

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