puch e50 extendo MAGNETIC fill bolt!!
puch e50 extendo MAGNETIC fill bolt!!


new stainless steel magetic fill bolt for puch e50!! get all those metal shavings floating around in your trans fluid outta yer engine. helps improve longevity and reduce wear!

magnetic fill instead of drain allows the user to quickly and efficiently clean the collected metal off it without having to drain the trans fluid over and over again! just lean your bike over, unscrew the bolt and wipe clean with a rag.

you'll get so much clout for the rare earth magnet that's pressed in there.

uses a 6mm allen key

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1 of 5 Hella not cool September 3, 2019
taco eater : Xela from DC  
So this lil dangly dude tried to kill my moped.  Thought I was doing a nice thing for her but that neat 'extendo' portion just dropped off in my case for a swim.  Good thing I had to roll my baby off the lift and didn't attempt to start it.  Not sure if the dangle is supposed to murder your moped or what but holy moly that sucked.

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