puch tecno CHROME BOSS performance pipe
puch chrome BOSS performance pipe




totally BOSS chrome pipe with huge header and mysterious black magic full chamber how dudes go over 60 on this pipe I do not know but i seen it with my own lil eyes so cheap you can just buy a new one every few months mounts all dreamy and easy like

boss hawkers tips - this pipe has a quite large header, use a super thin walled 10mm long socket to mount dreamy, or use the long brass M6 nuts, or remove the studs completely and use M6 allen/hex bolts...then no probs, all is well.

for flat port puch cylinders

25mm header ID

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4 of 5 good for your first kit October 20, 2021
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Brooklyn, NY United States  
if you put this on stock then your acceleration will be non-existent from a stop, when i got my kit it became a ripper. on my swinger the bike stand thing dents part of the chamber but it's okay. just be aware. I like the sound of it too.

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4 of 5 puch March 6, 2016
taco eater : PuchZA from Newport, RI United States  
This was the first upgrade I got for my moped and when i got it I was not a fan especially with the stock 14 bing i was not impressed.  The pipe couldn't do what it was supposed to with all the  air restriction from the intake and 50cc. even with the stock 18 x 40 gearing i was hitting 32 tops with tons of low end lost compared to the stock cigar pipe.

It wasn't until after i built my ZA in my living room this winter that i figured out how much of a screamer this pipe is.  With my 70 kit case matched 19 dellorto let me tell you this thing ripppppps.  even down low and my gearing now is 19 x 36 and the stock looking ZA is doing 55 with ease and plenty of passing power

little hard to mount around the header but easy enough.  gotta get that nice tight seal

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3 of 5 boss ? Really ? August 8, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from PA United States  
Had this on a e50 with the treats 50cc Hi Hi head party kit. With 14mm Bing,2.22 atomizer, 72 jet, metal mesh filter, two shoe clutch adjusted for slippity do da take offs. While top end was great and screamed (low 40s ) higher than I would care to. City / town riding was not enjoyed. Even with putting on stock 15x 45 gearing was bad.will not try this on a stock or near stock 50cc again. Will go with a circuit or estroril pipe first. Put stock puch skinny header pipe back on and now in everyday cruizin heaven with good take off. Hills? No problem. Maybe better with a 70cc or Reed kit? But I will toss this boss.

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3 of 5 heres a video January 26, 2015
taco eater : tanner bleakley from Jacksonville, FL United States  

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4 of 5 Good pipe June 1, 2013
taco eater : Sam Guglielmimo from Colebrook, CT United States  
Combined with the high comp head my puch maxi is now going 36 on flats with a 12 bing with a 58 jet. I'm going to put my 14 on in a bit and see how that works. My low end doesn't seem to be too bad either. Going to try another pipe on my magnum to compare.

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