CURVED CHROME chopper pegs for puch n more
puch maxi and others footpeg conversion set

 :*sorry none today*

peg conversion starter set for puch maxi, but will work on plenty of other mopeds too. convert from pedals to pegs n turn your beloved moped into a, gasp, noped !!! oh no!!!! oh yes!!! oh no!!!

useful if you hate pedals or if you have a pipe with some pedal disability.

this version is a bit different than the black peg conversion set in that the pegs sit out and down more. lots of fun to be had in the pedalless world.

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the real deal! February 15, 2018
taco eater : ADAM SCOTT RIGGSBY from LA EAST 02134  
bought this to use on my maxi. took off the whole starter assembly, so no need for pedals. this thing rules, clears big pipes no problem. super sturdy, made of real metal. this is what the games been missing!

edit: 5 years later and i'm about to order another set of these bangers.

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magnums too! August 28, 2012
taco eater : Austin Tremellen from Philadelphia, PA United States  
cut the "magnum pedal shaft sleeve"extension down on the frame, put these on and it works perfect!
Even clears my MLM RevRun pipe.

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mine broke easily July 11, 2012
taco eater : criss hoov baltard from baltimore, meowyland  
barely used them, since with a low seat it's way more comfortable to ride on rear-mounted pegs. but i got them because i have a kickstart e50, so no pedals. i just used them to occasionally prop the ped against a stoop, which was nice, till the peg broke off. weak weld. no point in fixing it, would probably be ok on a stock-height seat, though.

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this is what you need. March 23, 2011
taco eater : notnerb from Grand Rapids , MI United States  
no more pedals, only cruisin.
fit any fatty pipe, but be prepared to push start!

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